Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Our Very Last Dead Week

Well, our last Winter Study has come to a close. I won't lie and say it was my favorite class ever, but it was fun and I got some really beautiful quilts out of it. The following is my technique sampler, done mostly by hand to get the hang of quilting. Who's surprised that I chose dramatic Asian fabrics? I'm not. I think it's absolutely gorgeous. Even though I won't be pursuing quilting, I'm glad I gave it a try. The next one is my big independent project, done in the Native Rainbow pattern. The color selection was from Walker's suggestion of dark greens and purples that I expanded to a general bruise color scheme. It's not quite bed size, which is a little sad, but it will make a very nice throw.

So after quilting class ended, we has us a very relaxing Dead Week,but was it productive? No. But I did get a bunch of knitting done, including one of the mint-green socks, pictured below.
And here's a closeup of the scales.
Cool, huh? They'll make a neat addition to my sock drawer, once I knit the other one, anyway. And, as per tradition, I started a pair of socks for Walker with that nice yarn Christina and I got in Adams last week. The yarn is a lot smaller than last year's yarn so I only finished one sock and am I about halfway through the other one:
Man, boys have such big feet! Eleven inches is a lot of foot to knit and, oh goody, I get to do the same thing on the other sock. That's the trouble with socks--no matter how accomplished you feel by completing one of them, your jubilation is overshadowed by the fact that you have to make the other one, too. Oh well, he'll have some really nice merino socks once I'm done.

I do need to ease up on the knitting for the next few days anyway, since I'm taking the LSAT this weekend. Yuck. I've been studying and I'm a little more confident than I was last time, but you never know and I could get screwed. We'll see. And on top of that, classes start tomorrow, so that pesky reading should start eating into my knitting time. *sigh* So many projects, so little time. Once these two pairs are finished, I want to start on the Bella Paquita sweater and finally use up that yarn that Mary gave me. And then I can dig into that self-striping yarn that I also bought in Adams. Geez, I really do have too many projects. At least I'll never be bored, right?


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Christina said...

how is it that you finish two pairs of socks in the time it takes me to make half an inch of cuff for one?? That is depressing. Why are you re-starting your sweater?