Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

Yeah, I know I'm a day late, but I've got some fun projects (and one really great picture) to share with you, so I hope you'll forgive me.

As you all know, we've been very busy with wedding plans lately and we just got back from visiting my mother's parents, who are very old and will not be able to make it to the wedding. They were thrilled to see us and helped us make a couple of important plans, but by now we've got most of the big decisions squared away. We have new bridesmaid dresses on the way (if you haven't heard that story, ask me about it) and they should be arriving in a couple of weeks! We've finalized the menu and readings, the tuxes and my accessories, and have ordered bridal party gifts.

Big decisions left: ceremony music/whether or not we'll hire a trumpeter, finalizing the flower order, picking one more reader, "important dance" songs, and addressing and getting invitations out (which I'm sure you've already heard about from me). All of these are in the works and I'm feeling very on top of things right now. Tomorrow we're doing an engagement photo shoot, mostly for a newspaper announcement, but I'll be sure to share the pictures with all of you :)

Now, knitting:

Finally, after three months of knitting, I finished Vicki's Balloon-Sleeve Jacket. I blame wedding planning and not being able to find an appropriate buckle for the delay ;)
She seems to like it a lot and I am very glad :). I like the way it came out, even though she has to tie the belt and the sleeves look a little bit long on her. That could be my fault or she may have to pull them up a little--the body fits her well at least. I was worried that Knitpicks Comfy wouldn't be springy enough of a texture for a jacket like this, but it worked surprisingly well! And, shockingly, it's very soft and comfortable.

And then to finish off the yarn from that project, I made a Foliage Hat for Mel. I should have done a gauge swatch because it came out a little wide, but I brought it as a project for our trip to Santa Fe and did not have my tape measure, which is now broken anyway. :(Still, an effective use of the last bits of a sweater and it'll look cute on Mel.

Once I finished with those and finally figured out the color combination I wanted, I was able to start on the Venezia Pullover for myself, woo! I'm not very far into it and this sweater is going to take me forever, but you can already see the pattern starting to emerge. I'm so proud! This is my most ambitious project to date, what with its teeny-tiny fair isle all the way up and steeks at the armholes, yikes! Hopefully I will be able to pull the thing off and have something amazing to show you all later.

And now the picture I promised you last time, better than I could have anticipated, Jericho in all his debonaire glory:

How adorable is he?? You will be seeing this cute face at the wedding. I haven't decided where yet, but way too cute to pass up :)

Wish me luck with all my other planning!