Sunday, May 4, 2008

Crunch Time

Wow, so we only have two more weeks left of school. I've got about 42 pages to write by next Thursday for four different projects and a final exam in another class. But at noon next Saturday, I'll be all done with school. At least for now.
My life is beginning to take more shape than it had been before--I'm definitely moving to Philadelphia and I've applied to jobs in a law firm and the Philadelphia Art Museum, hoping to explore the potential for a career in either of those fields. I have only about 150 pages left of Les Miserables, which I plan to finish Wednesday morning. I'm starting to get really excited about graduation and the next chapter of my life. I'd be a little more excited if I had an apartment and a job lined up, but you can't have everything.
Yet through all this, I have found the time to knit, as always. I finished all the graduation gifts I had been planning, but no pictures--it's a surprise! I'll put some up after graduation, though, as I am quite proud of them. I have also managed to finish off that lavender yarn with a lovely reversible cable scarf for my sister:I think she'll like it. The trick is really quite simple: it's just a K1, P1 rib all the way across. It took forever and it's only about 4 1/2 feet long, but the effect is rather neat. Detail below:
I don't think I'll be making another one of those any time soon, but it was an interesting thing to try. So now, apart from about 2 half skeins of red yarn, 1 worsted, one heavy worsted, my stash has been emptied. If anyone wants those half skeins, there's probably enough in each of them to make a hat or something. If you don't want them, I might try to make up a phoenix pattern for Caroline (for which I might need to steal some of Jodi's yellow) with the worsted and...I don't know what with the heavy worsted.
And because I managed to burn my stash down to this meager pile, I allowed myself to refill it a little, with some lovely pine-colored merino, with which I will make the Chapeau Marnier, and some turquoise-colored cotton, with which to make the Seed Cabled Cardigan from the Sensual Knits book. Once those are finished, I promise I will get back to the Cleopatra wrap. I think by that point, I'll have had a sufficient break and be able to make some more headway.

And maybe I'll work on my school projects too =P.