Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Winter Study Goodness

What a productive week it's been! What with trips to the gym and studying the LSAT, I've still managed to maintain a strong relationship with my crafty side. We've nearly finished our techniques samplers in quilting class--pictures will follow once it's finished--and then we get to start on our much larger independent projects. I'm excited! They're going to be pretty.
I have also found plenty of time to try and kill my yarn stash, starting with this entrlac hat for Ms. Sunmi.
Jolie, non? Well, Sunmi tells me she likes it anyway. I've also finally completed the pair of mittens for Ms. Christina. It took a while with the felting and the decorating and sewing in the cuffs, but they're done!

I'm really pleased with the design since I didn't put one on the pair I made last year. Christina will just have to be carful that she doesn't accidentally pull it out--it's rather fragile.

Next on the agenda are some little Valentine's Day gifts for certain people...you know who you are. And maybe I'll try using up some more yarn with a stuffed lobster and some mint green socks. I just love Winter Study =)




sunmi said...

Thanks so very much for the cute hat! I've gotten so many compliments for it. :)

Reine du Monde said...

Aww, I'm so glad you like it =)