Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Goodbye Etsy

And now for another transition: I'm closing my Etsy shop.  I still have a bunch of merchandise sitting around, though, so for the month of September, everything is 50% off for Facebook fans and friends.  Blog readers are clearly worthy individuals, as well, so the coupon code is GOODBYE2011.  Anything left over at the end of the month will either be donated or given away, so stock up for baby showers, fall weather, and early Christmas shopping while you can!

Now don't worry, if you still really want a knit item, I am completely open to commissions.  The reason for the closure is that I'm now going to be a test knitter for Knit One, Crochet Too, a yarn company based in Windham, Maine!  They just emailed me out of the blue on Friday and asked if I wanted to test knit their patterns.  Apparently they like to work with local people and admired the work I'd been posting on Ravelry.  How crazy is it that I found a side job off Ravelry?? 

The instructions explicitly say that I can post pictures of my test knits on Ravelry, so I don't see any reason why I won't be able to share them here.  The pattern they sent is pretty cute, too--a basic shell with a lovely cabled pattern on the front, one I would even knit for myself in the future.  I am so, SO excited to be working with them.  I can't wait to see what other patterns/yarns they send me in the future!

Now, here is something I've already finished, Summer Plum Cardigan:

This particular pattern is by Veera Valimaki and really was a pleasure to knit.  It looks sharp and sophisticated, but it's really just a basic raglan with big garter borders and no seams. If you can work basic increases and decreases, you can knit this pattern.  Honest.  Unlike some of the other patterns I frequently blog about, this one would make an excellent first sweater (or second, since it's in sock yarn).

What made it such a joy to knit, however, was the yarn.  I used Quince & Co. Tern, a gorgeous wool/silk blend.  Quince & Co. is another Maine based company with very limited distribution, but absolutely gorgeous colorways.  The quality of this yarn is superb.  It was such a pleasure to feel it slide through my fingers and it wears beautifully!  As you might imagine from a small, but quality operation, the yarn wasn't exactly cheap (better than some other national chains, let me tell you), but totally worth it.  I am going to treasure this cardigan! 

Quince & Co also publishes a number of lovely patterns that are available for purchase on Ravelry.  This isn't one of theirs, but they do have some really pretty ones.

Currently, I'm working on the New York Cardigan with yarn by our old friend, Knit Picks.  In the event that I don't finish it by my next post, I'm going to take some pictures of my last yarn purchase tonight.  Yarn porn is way better than nothing at all, right?

And now, a kitty photo from hubby's birthday on Sunday:

"Yarrr!  Happy frickin' birthday."



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