Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Birthday Yarn

I know, my birthday was ages ago, you don't have to tell me.  But it was a weird time of transition between jobs, so cut me a little slack--I have a little yarn porn for you!

Due to a very generous gift card from my MIL and a moderate lack of restraint on my part, happy birthday to me:
Just look at all that beautiful Knit Picks yarn!  There's some Wool of the Andes, some Gloss DK (merino/silk), some Swish DK (superwash merino), some Stroll Sport(superwash merino), andm one of my favorites, some City Tweed! (alpaca/wool/donegal) 

This order alone more than tripled the size of my dwindling stash.  I probably have enough yarn here to keep me occupied well through the winter and into spring (especially if I'm doing test knitting on the side and with Christmas knitting coming up--yipe!).  Projects I have in mind are Lowry Pullover (red Stroll), Barcelona Jacket (forest heather WoTA), Kiyomi (WoTA pink and red), and Twinings (blue swish).  Lots of beautiful fall/winter sweaters on the docket!!

I haven't quite decided what to do with the City Tweed yet, but it'll probably end up as a cabled beret for me.  You can see my in-progress New York Cardigan in Gloss, doe colored, in the back.  Don't want to give anything away too soon!  It's finished now, but I'm waiting to debut it until Knit Night tomorrow.  You'll have to come back next time to see that one in all it's glory.

Some pretty cardigan pictures for next time!



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Megan B. said...

Oh Em Gee. What an amazing pile of yarn! Jealous! Enjoy it!