Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Waiting Game

So I had my job interview last week and it went really well. In fact, I don't think it could have gone any better. They said they'll let me know if they're going to offer me a job in about another week, but I think I'm going to call this week anyway because this waiting thing is driving me crazy. Ugh! At least I should be distracted for the next couple of weeks since Mom is coming to visit this weekend (no, we're not going to homecoming. sorry) and next week we'll be dog/sister sitting in Georgia.
I finished Jericho's yarn mice:
and we've been having a great time dangling them in front of him. I didn't even have to put any catnip in them; he just loves them. What a great way to use up orphan yarn balls! Here's another one:
And a gratutitous Jericho picture:
I've also finished the Blue Mirasol sweater. It fits really well except that it's kind of short. I'll just have to compensate by wearing longer shirts underneath it. It's also a little bit see-through so those shirts will have to be dark colored.
And from the back:

The patter was also a little vague on the amount of yarn needed, so I had about 500 yards of fingering weight yarn left and I didn't really feel like making socks, so I'm working on a hat (that I actually designed myself) based on the Blue Mirasol pattern and I'll probably add a knitted flower to it. I sure hope it turns out okay. This probably won't use up all the yarn, though, so I'll have to come up with another way, like maybe some gloves. That might use up some of the other leftover fingering weight stuff I have, too.

I still don't have much interest in working on the seascape shawl right now, though, so I caved and ordered more yarn. You guys remember that cute little blueberry hat I made for my mother's secretary? Well her little bundle of joy has outgrown that hat, so she asked me to make him another one and I'm going to make him this punkin hat! So cute! I've also been eyeing the Stardust Cardigan for a while and had even picked out the right yarn to go with it, but when I was indulging in some yarn ogling yesterday, I was shocked to discover that that yarn was our of stock on most websites! I could only find it in the color I wanted on eBay and at a reduced price! So of course I had to order it because I have no willpower. I'll look awfully pretty this holiday season, anyway.




sunmi said...

1. You're awfully pretty all the time.

2. The sweater turned out so nice!!

3. Why is everyone's mother visiting this weekend??

4. JERICHO!!!!!!! :)

Reine du Monde said...

Thank you, Sunmi ;)

Christina said...

1. I agree with Sunmi.
2. I agree with Sunmi. I am jealous of your skills.
3. My mom isn't visiting this weekend! She just told me she and my dad are going to the Caribbean for the weekend. I told her it's snowing in Williamstown. She laughed at me.

Also the punkin hat is adorable. And I've also had my eye on that silver sparkley sweater for a long time, but clearly I don't have the skills to make it quite yet. I was rather pleased at how well my simple lace hat turned out, but I don't have a picture of it cuz my aunt snatched it up before I could get a picture. I'll try to get one of her wearing it during thanksgiving break so you can see. I want to try a sweater sometime soon, but I'm kinda nervous that I'll start and get frustrated and give up cuz it'll be too hard. If you have any suggestions for a cute yet simple sweater, I'd gladly take them :)

Reine du Monde said...

I'm sure the punkin hat will be even more adorable on that little boy.
And I'm not going to do the cardigan in silver--I'm going to do it in gold, since I wanted something a little more Christmas-y. I'll keep an eye out for simple sweater patterns. Would you prefer something with minimal sewing or would you get frustrated if there are too many stitches?

sunmi said...

I think one day I'll try my hand at knitting a sweater, even if I don't actually wear sweaters myself.

Have they let you know about any new openings yet?