Friday, October 17, 2008

Meet Jericho

So things have been going a lot better since my last post. Firstly, we adopted a new kitten, Jericho! He's about the cutest thing ever, but is super busy and super curious. I absolutely love having an affectionate little furball in the house, even if he wants to destroy the wicker furniture. We'll just have to buy him a scratching post. More play pictures:

So cute they melt your face off, don't they?

In other news, I finally have an interview scheduled for next week, which will hopefully end in a job. I'm really excited!

In knitting news, it's been a little cold in Philly the past couple of weeks, so I made myself some fingerless gloves to keep my delicate fingers warm:

I mixed a couple of patterns to make these babies. I got the shape from Marnie Maclean's pattern for which she used a self-striping yarn and a couple of the patterns from the Sea Mineral Mittens. For the yarn, I used some of the leftovers from those argyle socks I made for Walker a little while ago with good result, I think. They're warm anyway.

Some bad news, though: that yarn is apparently not machine washable, despite what the label said and Walker's lovely socks have now shrunk to my size. So boo for him, yay for me. I'll just have to make him some new ones later.

I have also finished the torso of the Blue Mirasol sweater. I really love the yarn, which is Berocco's Ultra Alpaca fine--a fingering weight yarn with a wool-alpaca blend. The problem, however, is that the pattern wasn't written very well and the lengths are a little off. I had to improvise a little and the cabled waistband is a little lower than I would have liked. I still think it looks nice, though:

Now all I have to do is make the sleeves and add a neckline and it'll be all done hurray! I've also been working on a couple of toys of Jericho, but they're not quite finished yet, so no pictures yet.

So now I've got all kinds of new things to keep me busy.

Keep your fingers crossed!



sunmi said...

So cute!! :)

Christina said...

pics of the finished sweater? :)

are you and Walker going to be at homecoming this weekend??

Walker said...

"are you and Walker going to be at homecoming this weekend??"
Ha ha ha ha ha ha no.