Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Real life is no fun

Hey all,
Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I haven't been making much progress with either knitting or life in general and the reason I haven't posted is because I didn't much fancy blaring that my life is still going nowhere, but it's been a long time since my last post, so here it is:
I finished the danica scarfAnd it did not take as long as I thought it would. Could be that I finished it as quickly as I did because I didn't have much else to do with myself. I know I said I wouldn't do entrelac again, but I think it looks pretty cool. I don't think I'll keep it, though. Any takers?
I also had a bunch of that dark purple yarn leftover that I used to make a hat:It's a little tough to see in that picture, but there's a purl row spiral going around the hat. It's a little too big for my head, though, so that's up for grabs as well.
After I finished that hat, I've been trying to bust the stash a little more with that remaining skein of bamboo lace. I checked the gauge on the clapotis wrap and it's a little off, so I'm working on the Seascape Shawl instead. Progress isn't going very quickly, though, since it's a little too similar to the cleopatra wrap and I'm just not very excited about it.
I'm trying to remedy this problem by moving on to another project. I know I said I would work on the Goddess Top next, but sweater season is starting to sneak up on me and I changed my mind to the Blue Mirasol Top and ordered the yarn for it yesterday. Maybe this'll restore my fervor.
Life in General:
So I'm still waiting around for an interview. After 2 months.
I called my most prominent prospect last Tuesday and she asked me for my schedule for this week and the next. I was really hoping that this meant I would get an interview soon, but she hasn't called me back yet. And neither has my other prospect--a friend of my landlady. I'm going to call them both tomorrow and hopefully I'll get some good news.
Right now I'm getting a pathetic number of hours at a local clothing store. Really, if they want me to buy the clothes, maybe they should give me enough hours to pay my bills and then buy clothes. Silly people. I'm trying to stay hopeful, but it's a little difficult when I keep getting put off, week after week. Keeping that little flame of hope alive is tough, but well worth the effort. I refuse to despair about this anymore.
So there's your update. I'll let you know more as things progress, both with the sweater and the job market. Keep your fingers crossed!


sunmi said...

I really like the seascape wrap, though the Cleopatra one looked more interesting as far as design goes. However, it makes me really happy that it was designed by a man.

Reine du Monde said...

Yeah, I did like the seascape better in the mohair yarn, but I really didn't want to do the Cleopatra again.

Christina said...

the scarf came out nice! I agree with Sunmi-- I love the seascape pattern, but the cleopatra one is more intricate-looking. I finally got my knitting stuff and ordered some yarn. :) I'm going to give socks another try, as soon as I finish the hat I started. After I study for midterms, of course. See? School life is no fun either. I'm making room in my study schedule tomorrow to catch up with you, cuz it's been too long! Miss you!

sunmi said...

Something that occurred to me -- how does an entrelac scarf work? The technique creates such distinct "front" and "back" sides that I can't quite figure out how that would work for a scarf unless you doubled it up so that only the "front" shows.

Reine du Monde said...

Aww, I miss you too!
Send me an email or something.

And yeah, the scarf has a very distinct front and back, so you'd have to either drape it very carefully, or double it up.

sunmi said...

I saw this super-skinny girl on the T the other day wearing an enormous entrelac scarf. She was pretty much wrapped in the scarf like a shawl, and I must say, it looked pretty cool.