Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sweater, v.3

Hurray, the sweater is finished!!I'm so pleased with it I even wore it around today--and got quite a few astonished compliments, I might add. Caroline wants me to make her one in cream. We'll see about that.
I also started a fun spirally hat which looks like a warm candycane with a pompom. Adorable.
I'm on the lookout for the next major project, though. Input is more than welcome.
Happy Holidays all!


Christina said...

THAT SWEATER IS GORGEOUS! Want a new project? You could always make me one.... ;) I'll have to think about a color. How do you do those so fast??!

Reine du Monde said...

I don't want to be making this sweater over and over until I grow old. I want to mix it up and do something else first.
Then I might make you one...

Christina said...

haha, okay. what if I find a different sweater pattern?

Christina said...

ooooooooo how about this one? it's pretty...(except the ugly color they chose for it)