Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mitten Part Deux

Mitten number two is now complete! Hurray! Since I finally finished the schoolwork that needed to be done, I had some time to work on my project and boy did it come out nice!

The new one is on top. I think the grafting on this one came out better than the other one--it looks cleaner anyway. My sister's special request for these mittens was that they have a cord between them so she wouldn't lose them. I wasn't really sure how to do this, so I decided to go with a detachable model--I ran a strand around the wrist and tied a long braided chain to both mittens. So she gets the cord, which she can detach if she wants and some pretty bows =).

The best part, though, was her thank you--it made me feel all fuzzy inside to know that she really does appreciate my efforts. So I'd say the mittens were a success since I got to learn fair isle and to see my sister's softer side. Makes me want to go frollick in the sunshine.

Too bad it's 12:30am. Maybe tomorrow =)




선미 (Sunmi) said...

Wow. You knit fast! Do I get to see the mittens in reality, or have they already been united with your sister?

Allie said...

Sorry Sunmi,
The mittens have already made their way to North Carolina, where they'll protect my sister's delicate fingers from the frigid 50 degree weather. And it's not so much that I knit fast--just that I have no willpower and knit for hours...