Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Venezia in Action (and a Sewing Project!)

I wore the Venezia out and about this weekend.  As previously posted, my friend had her baby shower this weekend and, vain as I am, how could I resist showing off my beautiful handiwork?  I don't have any pictures from the shower--I may ask for those later, but here are some I got Hubby to take after the fact:

And a weird fuzzy one Hubby took as a joke, but I kept because it made me look thin:
You can also see the awesome clock I got a couple of months ago in the background, but I also owe you guys a post about my mad redecorating skillz...when I finish.

Something I did finish: a plastic bag holder!

The piles and piles of plastic grocery bags stuffed under the sink were starting to get on my nerves, so I took action!  I went to Joann, bought a couple of fat quarters and used this Tutorial to package them in a much more stylish container!  

The tutorial was easy enough so that  even someone with my very basic sewing skills could handle it.  I ran into some trouble with getting the elastic through the loops at the top, but felt pretty stupid when I finally figured out that I just needed to attach some thread to each end and pull.  Duh.  

Totally easy.  I finished it in an afternoon and someone at all adept with sewing could probably finish it in about an hour.  At least I got some sewing practice in before I tackle a much larger project, right?

By my next blog post, I should have distributed all, or at least some, of my crafty Pay it Forward projects, so I'll finally be able to show them to you.  And Laar is coming along beautifully--pretty, floaty, and pink.  All my favorite things :)

House Hunting update: we got our preapproval letter today!  Let the fun really begin!!  Wish us luck :)



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