Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Time!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in our apartment now!  I did my best this weekend to make our little space as festive as I could:

Since we just didn't want to deal with a real tree for our first go-round, we opted for an artificial one from Home Depot.  I have to say, though, after a little fluffing, I think it looks pretty good:

Certainly doesn't look real, but at least it's not pink or something.  7.5' is pretty close to our ceiling, so there was no way I was going to get a star or an angel on top of this tree.   Instead, I got some pretty wired ribbon and made a big bow for it using this tutorial.  Isn't it pretty?

I then attached an end of the ribbon to the top of the tree and wrapped it around like a garland.  I also added some red velvet bows I found at Rite Aid.  Together they makes a big statement without costing a lot or putting dangling temptations in front of the kitty cats, who have been very good so far!  I half expected to wake up and find the tree on the floor, but everything is still in tact.  My expectations are not high for the rest of the season, but I plan to add ornaments to the tree slowly until Christmas, in the hopes that busy critters won't notice.

Since I loved that bow so much, I decided I had to put another one on the banister:
And wrap the ribbon all the way upstairs (you can't really see it in the picture, but the ribbon does go all the way to the top):
And do you remember those stockings I made last year?  I was worried about where to put them since Walker and I don't have a fireplace, but why not make them wall art?
I just found a blank space on our living room wall and hung them using those semi-permanent command hook things from Rite Aid.  Here's where they fit into the rest of the living room:
And this little scrappy wreath Walker's cousin made us last year graces a blank spot in our kitchen:
And here's an ornament I made for an ornament exchange that didn't make it onto the last ornament post.

I got the little moose pattern at this Etsy shop.  They have a lot of other cute patterns in there and they all come with a lot of options, so if you really want a griaffe egg cosy, that is the place to go.  It's definitely an "intermediate" pattern, so you probably shouldn't dive into it just after making your first ever hat, but I really enjoyed the pattern and could definitely see myself making another one.  (So if you're really really nice to me...)

So now the house is decorated, our festive dish towels are out, (almost) all the gifts are neatly wrapped and ready.  I am (almost) ready for Christmas!  I just have Walker's socks to finish (omg, I forgot how maddening argyle is!!) and a few more baked goods to make and that's it.  Really.  What (if anything) are you crafting this Christmas?  How much more do you have to do?

Next time I'll hopefully have some pretty socks (and probably an argyle rant) for you.  'Til then, have a very Merry Christmas Season!!!


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