Monday, October 18, 2010

New Etsy: Fall Edition

Man, I am such a lazy bum.  These sweet little items have been sitting in our guestroom for ages, just waiting for me to take some pictures and post them to the shop.  As good as the yoga challenge was for my figure, it really left me without energy to do anything around the house.  All good things in moderation, it would seem.  I've been taking my week off after 30 days of beating myself up (I did it!  21 90-minute classes in 30 days!) and tomorrow I'll start working out again, but at the gym sometimes, and not just the studio.

Anyway, fall is here and so are my fall items!  All of the baby stuff is made with superwash merino, so it's amazingly soft, but also machine washable, yay!  Enjoy:





And, of course, my favorite Mary Jane Booties

I remembered the adults this time, too!  I had some beautiful teal alpaca/tencel leftover, just enough to make a lady's lacy beret:
  I used my standard peacock tail lace pattern, which the tencel gives a beautiful drape:
I have half a mind to keep it for myself.  :-p 

So enjoy, swoon, recommend it to your friends! 

Next time: Christmas is just around the corner and I already have my sweater ready!  (And a couple of gifts to boot, but they might have to wait until the following blog post).



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Sunmi said...

Woooo! Congrats on finishing the yoga challenge! :)