Monday, October 25, 2010

Matilda Jane

What do you think of my new look, snazzy huh?  I finally got around to playing with Blogger's new template feature and there's some really cool stuff in there.  I was missing out!  I might decide to change things with the seasons, I might not.  Autumn is nice :)

I will also be adding some buttons at the bottom, Ravelry style.  So if you can't come up with something witty on the spot (hey, we're not all poets), you can show your appreciation, admiration, disdain, whatever with the click of a button.  Fancy!

Now, I know it's a little early, but this girl has already got her Christmas sweater ready (and there is not a reindeer in sight):
The pattern I used is by Ysolda Teague and can be found here.  I made no modifications to the shaping of the pattern and boy, does it fit well. My only change was opting not to use a contrast color for the edges. I really love it--makes me feel a little bit like Mad Men (I am a secretary, after all).  It has bust darts, waist shaping and lacing in the back:

Please excuse the bunchiness.  I had just laced it too tight when I was trying it on and Walker didn't tell me how tight it was when he was taking the picture.  I've since loosened the laces and it fits just as beautifully in the back as it does in the front.  Here's a close-up of the lacing:

The yarn I used was Knit Picks Merino Style, which is lovely.  It's not as nice as Swish, but it's also a little cheaper--food for sweaters and other big projects.  I found this lovely ribbon at Joann Fabric--gorgeous isn't it?  My favorite color combo and perfect for Christmas :)

Unrelatedly, my hair is getting much too long and really needs to be cut.  Does anyone have any suggestions for long, fine, medium brown hair?  I will be eternally grateful.  I'm thinking maybe shoulder-length with some layers/other interesting feature...There just needs to be less of it while I madly knit away at Christmas gifts.

I have already finished a number of Christmas gifts, but being the overly ambitious person that I am, I put about a gazillion little knit ornaments on my list and it's going to take me forever to finish them!  I made some adorable snowmen and lumps of coal this weekend.  No pictures  yet, but next time I'll share some pictures of other Christmas gifts I have finished for the in-laws!  Only 60 more days to Christmas!



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