Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Look!

Hey guys,

No new finished objects again this week, not even baby things--sorry.  I do have a few more Etsy things finished, a couple of baby sets and an alpaca beret, but have not found the time to block or photograph them yet.  Soon, I promise.

I've also been chugging away at the Autumn Rose pullover.  The sleeves and body are all finished and joined for the yoke, but I have not made much progress since then.  I hope to have it finished this week, but that might be pushing it, especially since Little Sis comes home from school today and family is more important ;).  She just finished her junior year at Elon

Instead of more project pictures, though, I decided to revamp the ol' blog.  The Williams color scheme got a little tired, so here's a brand-spanking-new blue scheme!  It's part of a grander scheme to prettify and diversify my presence on the interwebz and hopefully get a little more traffic with a little added effort.   Enjoy (and tell all your friends!).

Pictures to follow soon!


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