Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Grand Opening

I'm officially open for business now! My username is the same as on here or the shop link is www.etsy.com/shop/reinedumonde

I don't have a lot of things listed right now because I just didn't have time last night, but rest assured, there are a number of other items all photographed and ready to go. I just got so excited I couldn't wait to tell you about it! Look for more items in the next couple of days.

I focused on listing baby items last night because they were the impetus for getting the shop up and running. They are also my newest finished objects, especially the fruit baby sets. I've got some more cotton for a strawberry set and another flower set, so look for those soon!

Because I spent most of this week finishing up items for sale and cleaning up the shop's appearance, I don't have any new pictures for you this week. You'll have to go check them out at the shop ;). Once I finish this new baby line, though, I'm going to focus on a new project for myself, the Swallowtail Shawl, which has become very popular on Ravelry. It doesn't require much yardage, so I'm going to treat myself to the leftover alpaca cloud lace from Mom's Christmas project. After that, who knows? I might dig into another Eunny Jang, either the Autumn Rose or take another crack at Venezia. I swatched the former this weekend and can already tell it's going to look good...

Anyway, check out the shop and let me know what you think! I'd love to hear any thoughts or suggestions you might have (except for "more items." I'm working on that one).



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