Friday, December 12, 2008

Wedding Bells

Of course you all already know our big news, but I wanted to share it again: we're engaged, yay! We haven't set a date yet, but if I get my way, it'll be in early October, so clear your calendars! I even have a date to try on some wedding dresses while I'm home for Christmas. It's really happening now, guys. :) I'll let you know as more things progress and fall into place.
Some less exciting news: I did hear back from that job and they have a hiring freeze right now. Awesome. They think they should have an opening at the beginning of the year, but I'm not so sure that I really want it anymore. Now that Walker's stint at the Penn library is almost over, Walker and I are seriously considering moving to Maine and have been looking for jobs there. We even have interviews with a staffing agency next Monday, which will hopefully result in a very positive change in our financial circumstances. Wish us luck! The interviews also mean that Walker will be joining my family and me for Christmas, more yay!
Having only a part-time job has given me lots of time for knitting, both for me and Christmas presents for my family. Here's the Stardust cardigan/Christmas sweater I made for myself:
Note the lack of awful applique reindeer. It's a little smaller in the bust area than I had thought it would (which is a really weird thing for me), but I think if I tighten it at the tie joint, it should look at little better. It's still cute. Because we're a little short on funds this Christmas, my family's getting gifts that don't break the bank, but are made with lots and lots of love. Walker's getting another pair of argyle socks, which I think are even better than the last pair (that I accidentally shrank). The cuffs are looser, which means they're easier for him to put on and I like the color scheme better than the last ones. When I asked my sister what she wanted, of course she had to ask for the most ambitious of projects, a sweater. And since she didn't like any of the patterns, I could find, I actually wrote this pattern for her. I really really hope it fits her okay. It might be a little shorter than she would have liked and the neckline may not hit where she wanted it to, but I'm fairly confident the torso measurements should fit okay and the yarn is super soft. So regardless of how short it is, it'll still be really comfy. Now I only have my parents' projects to finish. Dad's getting the Triumph Scarf in jade green and I'm about halfway through with it. Mom will be getting some Nordic-inspired gloves, once the book Selbuvotter arrives. They're going to be in some combination of red and white; I'm not sure which will be the background and which will make the pattern. I'm leaning towards red bg and white fg. I'll post pictures when I finish those. Yay, Christmas!
And here's a gratuitous picture of Jericho in an empty box of propel. Too cute!




선미 (Sunmi) said...

The Stardust cardigan is very pretty! Will you wear it with a black dress? Walker's socks are also quite nice, and your sister's sweater looks so comfortable.

As for Jericho, there is no such thing as a gratuitous picture of an adorable kitten like him. <3!

Allie said...

Thank you, Sunmi! I think I'm going to wear that cardigan with jeans and a black shell--almost the same thing as a black dress.

I guess you're right about Jericho, but I've got some more adorable photos for the next post!