Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Break!!

Yay, we're on Spring Break!
This is the less exciting of our two weeks off: hanging around with Walker's family in Athens. I can't complain, though, since it has been a relaxing and worry-free several days. Flying down here was relatively painless. Our flight was on time, but the "tornado" weather in Atlanta prevented us from landing promptly and we had to circle around in a holding pattern for about an extra hour. I would say that it would have been a good time to work on my knitting, but I was working on a hat made from the leftovers from that last pair of socks I made for Walker and there wasn't quite enough to finish. It was really cute, though, so I think I may get more yarn and make it anyway--I can get it for cheap at knitpicks ;-). But since we've been here and hanging out in their basement, I have finished off that stripey sock yarn, making a pair for Sunmi's little feet: Aren't they cute? I don't have a picture of the pair I made for me, since I figured it would be redundant, but they're just as cute =). That yarn went really fast. I know you all aren't shocked by how fast I cranked out those socks, but I am! Anyway, Sunmi and I each have nice new pairs of Williams-y colored socks.
In between hanging out with Walker's family and visiting with his friends (this evening we went bowling and I threw my best game yet: 114!), I've started on that delicious Cleopatra wrap with the bamboo lace yarn.Pretty, huh? It's a little hard to see the definition, but the color came out clearer without the flash--that made it look much too orange, ew. Oh, I love this yarn. It's sooo soft, but it's also sooo slick and I've accidentally dropped a few stitches and made several mistakes. Hopefully the holeyness of the pattern will make them less noticable :-/. It's going to take me forever to finish this (comparatively), but it'll be so worth it. It is so full of pretty =).
In other news, I've figured a way to use up some of that lavender yarn and some leftovers from graduation gifts (which I also finished right before we left for break). I'm going to take a stab at these lovely Latvian-Inspired mittens. I don't yet know who will be receiving them--perhaps with their purple and red colors they'd appeal to Jodi ;-). One would think I would be doing well with the stash-busting, considering I'd have all the yarn in my stash planned into projects (just the wrap and mittens, plus one more lavender ball), except that when Walker's mother saw me working on the self-striping socks, she remembered that she had some stripey yarn that she'd bought a while ago and probably wasn't going to use:So now I've got two balls of that plus one ball of lavender yarn to plan out--no buying more yarn before the 4 projects I've got left. I mean it this time. Anyone have any thoughts for the remaining yarns? Want me to make you something out of them? No reason to feel guilty since neither cost me a dime.
To finish off this super-long post, I thought I'd throw in a picture of the Valentine's Day surprises that I forgot to post back in February: a little Valentine's bear! Isn't he cute? He's about 6 inches tall and has two brothers that were also distributed on Valentine's Day. No grad gift pictures, though. You have to wait for those--keep you in suspense. So have a wonderful second half of spring break! I probably won't update before we get back since we may not have internet in Florida (leaving Georgia on Saturday) plus I won't likely have anything to report--this shawl is not going very quickly. It's gorgeous, but slow, and I should be out in the sun anyway, just as the rest of you should =).



Christina said...

I like those mittens! They're pretty :)

Reine du Monde said...

Unfortunately, the mittens are children's size. I didn't realize this before I started and now I've nearly got one of them finished. Do you guys know of any kids who would like a new pair of mittens?