Monday, February 9, 2015

A Little Winter Stashbusting

Remember me complaining about being over winter about a month ago?  And that was before all these storms!  It seems like we've gotten a snow storm every other day!  We're seriously running out of places to put the snow.  I ask myself every morning why on Earth we decided to live in Maine.

...and then I go into my closet and see all the warm winter woollies! (Bear with me - I'm looking for the silver lining). Californians just don't get the same kind of sweater selection.  And come on, you don't get to wear octopus gloves in Miami!!

How cute are they??  I mean, when you put them on, your fingers become tentacles!

The pattern is Kraken Knuckles by Annie Watts and they were almost as much fun to knit as to wear.  That inventive pattern never gets boring and did I mention the finger-tentacle thing?  These are just one example of a big stashbusting project, but probably my favorite so far.  The purple is leftover from my favorite sweater evar and the gray is leftover from an original pattern that's due to release next month (I wish I could tell you more about that - I'm SO EXCITED).  They are fun, they are warm, and also, finger-tentacles.

One other success was with some lace-weight yarn I'd bought for the 100 Diamonds Shawl, after which I had about 800 yards left!  So many options there!  Ravelry is chock full of gorgeous lacy shawls and I ended up settling on an old favorite: the Echo Flower Shawl by Jenny Johnson Johnen:

This one came out even better (and bigger) than the last time I tried it!  What a beautiful design!

Here is a closeup of the pattern:

The bulk of the pattern is pretty easy to memorize, but not so simple to bore the knitter.  I wouldn't recommend this one to someone just starting with lace, but what a beauty to aspire to knit!  I'm really looking forward to taking this one out for a stroll!

Oh, and I also made the cat another sweater.  I just couldn't call myself a crazy cat lady if I stopped at one, right?

Isn't he sweet?  It was snowing and he was just fascinated - even tried to get the snowflakes through the glass door.

I used the same pattern as last time, just with a yarn that had some nylon in it.  The last time I used Knit Picks's Full Circle, which is lovely, but doesn't have much  memory to it, so the first sweater stretched and stretched and that little peanut was able to wriggle his way out of it every night.  It sort of became a game every morning - "Hunt the Sweater."  That is, until I wound up with a giant bruise on my face from trying to chase the little munchkin under the dining table!

Of course, the solution was not "let the cat run around without a sweater."  For a knitter-cum-crazy-cat-lady, the answer was "buy more yarn!"  So I did.  I bought some Berocco Vintage, which is blended with nylon for ease of care and he's been stuck in there for almost a month!  Problem solved!

That is until all his hair grows back and I get to vacuum it all up again, hurray!

Enjoy your snow day kiddies!


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