Thursday, March 31, 2011

Venezia Teaser

I've been neglecting this blog.  Sorry about that.  The 30-day Yoga Challenge has kind of been taking over my life.  I go to work, go to yoga, blog about yoga, and pass out.  Not much room for knitting in there.  But today is my last day of the challenge and after tomorrow's "final reflections," I'll be all done with that and can devote more of my time to knitting again.

I have finished a couple of things in the last three weeks, but they've all been for that Facebook crafty exchange and I don't want to post pictures of those until they go out in the mail.  I want the recipients to be surprised!  Well, I might post some pictures on Ravelry, but you won't see anything on here until I send out the mail and I have one more gift to finish, so you'll all have to be patient.

Also, I started the replacement shawl for the one that Arty ate.  Not much to show yet except for my little status bar on the right.  What do you think of my new little Ravelry widget? Cool, huh?

I have, however, been working steadily on the Venezia sweater.  No, it's not finished yet.  I ran into a snag when my stock of Oyster Heather ran out.  My carefully crafted color scheme wouldn't have worked without it!  But now I have another ball in my possession and once I make the final adjustments to the pattern, I'll be ready to finish the yoke section of the sweater.  It's coming, slowly and surely, but it's coming!  My goal now is to have the whole thing finished by Easter.

To tide you over until I have something finished to show you, here's a teaser pic of my Venezia color scheme:

Ooooh, aaaahhhh.  Now imagine that over an entire sweater and get excited!!



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