Saturday, January 15, 2011

2010 in Review

So no new projects today, just wondering in amazement at the 16.2 miles of yarn that I knit this year (crazy!)  I started the year with over 7 miles of yarn, which seems like a lot to have in the house, but considering how quickly I went through it, it's really not all that bad.  I closed 2010 with just under 2 miles of yarn--all but 400 yards (given away) of that knit into projects. 

Now some of my favorite projects:

Throughout the year, I knit 9 pairs of mittens and gloves (0.9 miles) some highlights:
I finished a total of 6 pairs of socks/slippers (1.1 miles):

Hats totaled 16  (1.5 miles).  Both of these are original patterns:

I knit a total of 4 scarves and shawls this year (0.77 miles) Shawls do not seem to be my favorite, but I sure love how this one came out:

Since I opened the Etsy shop this year, my baby item production has skyrocketed.  I made a total of 22 baby items (hat/bootie sets counting as one item) for the shop and friends/family (1.4 miles)

Christmas was pretty busy, too.  For some reason, I got it into my head that I needed to knit everyone a Christmas ornament and went through about half a mile doing it.
(I just love his come-hither little pose!)
I don't seem to be much of a vest person, either, since I only got through 3 vests/sleeveless tops and one of them is sitting in the frog pond, waiting for some significant changes--maybe I'll get to that later this year.  I used about 1.2 miles of yarn on vests:

It must be said, however, that 2010 was clearly the year of the sweater.  I don't care what the Chinese Zodiac says.  I set a goal for myself to knit one sweater per month in 2010 and I succeeded with 14!  12 just for me and 2 for Christmas gifts!  I calculated the yardage and it came to an absurd 7.63 miles of yarn--that's how much I had in my stash at the beginning of the year!

The sweaters ranged from Autumn Rose, which took almost 1500 yards and 28 days:

And the Cabled Cowl Neck Sweater, which took only 539 yards and 5 days:
Yet I would have to say that my favorites for 2010 were Pas de Valse:

and Arisaig:

So many beautiful sweaters this year, so many great projects! 

While there are a lot of sweaters I would like to knit, I don't think I will be making as many in 2011.  I think 2011 will be the year of the afghan.  With friends geting married, having babies, and the progress I've made on the scrappy leftovers blanket, I've got at least 3 afghans on my to-do list.

As far as resolutions go, I certainly can't say I want to knit MORE.  That would just be ridiculous.  I do want to get better at knitting continental, so that I can really increase my speed with stranded projects by knitting with both hands and maybe do more lace projects.  I'm slow at it, but I really love the finished products. Oh, and I want to finally have a wearable version of the Venezia Pullover.  This has just been going on for way too long.

What are your knitting/crafting resolutions this year?



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Katherine said...

so gorgeous! everything!

must be so nice to tally up all the projects and see how much you produced...


my knitting goals are just to keep attempting new and varied projects. started my first sock this week! i picked a pretty ugly color, but oh well, it's for ben. :P