Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Christmas Ornaments

In the grand tradition of overreaching one's abilities for Christmas gifts, I am trying to knit little ornaments for as many people as possible.  If I succeed, I will be keeping the gift budget low and using up a significant amount of my Palette stash (really, it's absurd), but I will also be using up a significant amount of my time and sanity.  I will truly succeed if I have it all done by Thanksgiving.  Did you ever know me not to be an overachiever? :)

I'm a little over halfway done now and I have the stocking pattern mostly memorized, so hopefully it'll go a little faster now.  Anyway, here's what I have so far:

Monogrammed Christmas Stockings

I found this pattern on Ravelry as Hogwarts Mini House Sock Ornaments.  That pattern has you knit the whole stocking and then embroider the letters in duplicate stitch.  No thanks.  I knit them in the pattern using a chart from ChemKnits alphabet chart compilation and added some designs from this stocking pattern to the back (not shown).  For those who don't like stranding, duplicate stitch may be for you, but I really hate everything to do with finishing, so stranding was much easier for me.  I still have a whole mess of these little babies to make, but I am really happy with the ones I've finished so far!

The rest of the following stocking patterns can be found in the Knit Picks Holiday section.  There are also patterns there for a yeti and a pickle ornament if those strike your fancy.

 And for the non-knit worthy, lumps of coal:

As far as the rest of my Christmas knitting goes, I only have Mom's cardigan left.  It's a bit of a labor-intensive project, but it is coming along beautifully!  I think I did a better job this year of sorting the knit worthy and the non-knit worthy when it comes to big projects, so apart from little ornaments, everyone else will be will be getting something either store-bought or edible.  No point in knitting something nice for someone who won't appreciate it or who will accidentally felt it in the wash.

Plus, I can sooner get back to some selfish knitting for me :) (I've got some really gorgeous things in mind, too)

Next time: finished co-worker gifts.



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