Monday, July 12, 2010

More Stash Busting

Remember that adorable Cable and Cowl Neck Sweater I made a couple months ago?  Turns out the pattern called for way more yarn than I actually needed, especially since I decided at the last minute to leave it at short sleeves.  So what do you do with 400 yards of bulky yarn?  Turn it into accessories you'll probably never ever wear, especially not in the middle of June.

And that's how this little beret was born:
Nothing extraordinary, just a simple moss stitch with a sort-of cross decrease detail, but it's rather understated in its elegance.  Here's a close-up of the moss stitch:
Very easy--excellent mindless tv knitting.  Unfortunately, I didn't take any notes on the construction of this beret, so if anyone wants to duplicate it, you are SOL.

But the beret, of course, did not eat enough of the ~400 yards I had left, so I dug into Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Around and decided to give the moebius scarf a try:

I'm still not entirely sure how to wear it without strangling yourself, but I guess I'll figure out when it gets colder.  I was thinking about listing them and a pair of mitts I finished a little while ago on Etsy, but have been putting it off because 1) it's waaay too hot to want to buy an alpaca shawl thing and 2) I haven't been seeing much action on Etsy since the summer really started.  I'm thinking I'll leave the shop be for now--probably until September--and then start gearing up and marketing it for winter/Christmas.  No sense in wasting my energy while there's no interest in my market, right?

So although I'm not so wild about this stash-busting endeavor, at least I finished that yarn and freed up some space in my stash for something more exciting (down to a modest 6 miles now...)  Next, time: something I'm really, really excited to show you.  I finished the Myrtle Cardigan and it fits!!!  I finished it late last night, so no pictures yet, but soon!

Kitty update:  Arty definitely has ringworm.  We got the lovely lime sulfur treatment this morning, so we'll get the full measure of how awful it is tonight.  We saw a vague sign of it on Branwen, but it hasn't been getting worse, so we're not very concerned.  It looks like Arty's symptoms are already starting to abate, so we're hopeful we won't have to deal with this much longer.  Poor Goofy Kitty :(.



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