Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Meet Moriarty!

We did it.  We adopted a new kitten last night.  The little guy is about 8 weeks old and is already quite comfortable in his new home:
 How could you not love a face like that??  We fell in love with him the moment we laid eyes on him at the shelter, but first they wanted to have us get Branwen checked out by the vet, so we had to wait until last night, when the vet could fit her in for an appointment.

He is one of the happiest, most confident critters I've ever met.  Here he is playing with the blinds at our back window:

He also has one of the loudest (and easiest) purrs I've ever heard.  I could hear him all the way across the room.  You barely have to pick him up before the motorboat starts.  And talk about adventurous!  He used Walker as a jungle gym all evening:

Poor Branwen is a little less pleased by the new addition than we are.  She has had her grumpy face on since we brought her home from the vet (although I'm sure that's part of it).

There has been some hissing and she took a small swipe at him this morning.  We're hoping she adjusts quickly, asserts herself as dominant kitty, and they get along well.  Besides, how could a little 2.2lb kitty be threatening? 

She certainly let us know how unhappy she was at about 1am last night.  Moriarty figured out that he could climb over his little cage, spilling out into Branwen's side of the living room.  She flew upstairs into our room meowing in alarm what I'm sure was something like "Guuuys!  He's getting out!! Put him back!!!"   It would have been cute if it wasn't so late.  

So now Moriarty is confined to the spare bedroom during this transition period while we're not around.  He's not very happy about this arrangement because he wants the attention, too, but it's his own fault for trying to escape.  We'll give you updates as the situation evolves. 

Knitting update later this week!



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